Learning German together

Scientific language, career and profession

Due to forced displacement, the first steps in learning the German language are often uncontrolled and associated with long waiting times. In integration courses, the emphasis is on teaching basic knowledge and communication skills to ensure that understanding and exchange in normal situations of everyday life is possible.

In the academic field, however, different standards apply. At the university, only a largely error-free, scientific language can be accepted.

A successful completion of your studies and good career opportunities on the German labor market require language skills at a high level. Even students and graduates with good professional qualifications have difficulties on the German job market. If they cannot express themselves clearly in their professional fields or have problems understanding things themselves, they cannot adequately contribute their expertise or skills.

The University of Wuppertal therefore offers courses such as "German for scientific purposes" and "German for the job" for prospective and current students.

All German courses are conducted by the University's Language Learning Institute / Sprachlehrinstitut (SLI).

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