Ways of funding

Which costs do I have to cover?

If you are planning to study at a German university, it is important to find out about financing options in good time.

You only have to pay the tuition fees for studying at the University of Wuppertal. However, the general costs of living (rent, food, study materials, etc.) must not be neglected.

Students have different possibilities to finance these costs. A part-time job provides first practical experiences and an own income. Jobs can be found, for example, on the job portal or the BUW job advertisement portal.

Alternatively, you can apply for a student loan, for example, BAföG or a scholarship. Further information on BAföG & scholarships can be found under the respective menu items.

General information on social benefits for refugees can be found here:

Der Paritätische Gesamtverband (Ed.): Soziale Rechte für Flüchtlinge. 2nd volume, Berlin 2016

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